Sonya Hill

“There are so many kids that need one-on-one help instead of a large classroom setting. I know that if we had more tutors serving, there would be an increase in students who are good at learning!”

When Sonya’s son was in school, he had difficulty learning. He required more one-on-one help than the school could offer him, so Sonya often worked with him at home. She quickly noticed the difference in made in her son’s math abilities and realized she wanted to give that to other kids. Now as a tutor with Math Corps, Sonya conducts personalized math interventions with struggling students every day.

After a year of service, Sonya is still continuously impressed by how much a difference one-on-one tutoring makes. Her student’s progress proves that Math Corps works. “When you look back at the end of the year, you can see just how far your students have come. It’s just a great feeling. I know I make a difference.”

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