Our team works to research, launch, evaluate and scale new ways to help kids go further. Total Learning Classroom is an innovative model designed to bridge the opportunity gap and infuse additional resources into schools with high academic needs.


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Driven by Outcome

Total Learning Classroom is a research-based and results-driven program that pushes students to reach their full learning potential. With direct, personalized support, our program is constantly adapting based on data for the greater good of the education system. Together, this program has proven to provide student, class, and system-level change based on the gains in student achievement, satisfaction among teachers, and improvements to school-level infrastructure.


Students who received intervention saw accelerated growth and proficiency with Scholar Coach


Class-wide intervention led to accelerated growth and proficiency among all students and an increase in teacher capacity


Total Learning Classroom produced a school-wide capacity for MTSS and enhanced the coordination of school resources


Our difference: we’re always adapting for the best results

8 years ago, school leaders and community partners at Nellie Stone Johnson Community School in North Minneapolis decided to embark on an “all-in” and truly collaborative approach to helping students reach their full potential. One of the main strategies was that in addition to using Reading Corps, they would also implement the Total Learning Classroom program.

Progress soon became evident – in the spring of 2018, data showed that third grade literacy proficiency more than doubled at Nellie Stone Johnson.

Judging from these remarkable results that stemmed from systematic changes in education, the Total Learning Program has since been committed to adapting to research-rooted methods so that students can tackle their educational hurdles with confidence and strength.


Tram Bui

“I want to do my part to help our students gain confidence through literacy and travel on a college-bound course.”

Finding the Right Fit

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