Hear why our tutors enjoy their roles in their own words.

Kendell Kapplinger 

“Tutoring to me has been the absolute best. I have gained so much experience and confidence in myself that will help me in my future endeavors.”

Hanna Le

“I learned English through one-on-one tutoring – I know it helped me. Individual tutoring sessions are often better for learners.”

Jens Jensen

“I wake up every morning looking forward to the day, knowing that I’ll be contributing. I am preparing the children for Kindergarten and for their years in school after that. I love what I am doing.”

Steve Pinex

“Satisfy your curiosity. Jump in there and do a year of service. Find out that, hey, in helping others, you’ve helped yourself a whole lot more than you could ever have believed.”

Rymsky Husband

“To see the excitement on a child’s face when they’ve been told they did a great job is my favorite part of serving.”

Jennifer Salinas

“During this class, we would go once a week to the local elementary school and read books with the students. This was a transformative time for me, as I began to recognize how natural it was for me to encourage the success of the students, and foster their imagination and love of reading.”

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