AmeriCorps in Action

Finding Joy in the Memories

Although she doesn’t tutor anymore, Reading Corps alumni Deb Dufrense still finds joy in the wonderful memories of her time serving with Reading Corps. “It was fun, you know you’re doing something that will last their lifetime,” she says. “They might not remember you, but they’ll remember how they felt with you.” 

Deb explains that service was “the frosting on the cake,” and that she feels that tutoring with preschoolers was so important. “If you can get them feeling good, and put the money in the bank when they’re little, it’ll pay off later,” she explains. While looking back at her experience tutoring, Deb shares how much she learned from tutoring. “I got as much out of it as the kids got.” 

Since she now has more time on her hands, Deb has not only been giving books to local daycare centers, but she has written a book herself! This past fall Deb’s book, “A Very Special Wonderful Boy”, was published. Her book follows a small boy whose heart was two sizes too big and his journey to make the world a better place. 

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