AmeriCorps in Action

From Tutor to Educator

Forrester Pack’s goal right out of college was to serve his community in a positive way. As it turns out, he found that in Reading Corps. “I’ve always had an affinity for education and helping others build their knowledge,” explained Forrester. “Serving was an easy decision.” 
The financial perks that AmeriCorps provided were an added bonus. “Just out of college, I was concerned about how to begin paying down my student loans,” said Forrester. “The stipend and education award package Americorps offered was excellent.” 
As soon as Forrester began tutoring in 2016, he knew he had made the right decision. “I always felt pride when something made more sense to a student after we had time working together,” shared Forrester. “It always just felt good being able to solidly impact a young mind’s educational experience each day.” 

Now a Teaching Assistant with St. Paul Public Schools (SPPS), Forrester says his service as a tutor was the perfect bridge to his current position. “I’ve been able to fulfill my values at SPPS, and none of this would have ever been possible without the experience AmeriCorps provided,” he explained. “AmeriCorps also provided me with financial literacy tools, discipline, an expanded worldview, and interpersonal partnerships I never would have gained right out of college without joining.” 

Forrester strongly encourages others to consider AmeriCorps service. “There’s a great variety to the opportunities that AmeriCorps offers, so there’s always a pathway for folks to maximize their interests and strengths in service,” he shared. “It’s also more vital than ever that we assist one another and there’s no better organization than AmeriCorps to participate in.” 

With all of the challenges of the last few years, our students need more support than ever. 33 people are still needed to support St. Paul students. If you or someone you know would make a great tutor, please visit to find opportunities to help students near you.

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