Future teacher finds his calling through tutoring for Moorhead Public Schools

Reading tutor, Parker, was just a freshman in college, unsure if education was the route he wanted to take when he found Reading Corps. Tutoring in a school sounded like the perfect opportunity to gain experience and get some clarity. The bi-weekly stipend and additional money for college tuition was also a plus! 

Since college classes were all online for his first two years as a tutor, Parker was able to serve full-time with Reading Corps. “The kids are what keep you wanting to come back,” he says. “It is a unique position in that you get to work one-on-one with the students and are helping 12-15 students in a day.” He says the days go by fast and it’s very rewarding when the kids tell him that he’s made reading fun! 

If you are like Parker and are considering education at all, he strongly recommends this service with AmeriCorps. “It is a great way to get your foot in the door and see if it’s for you.” He noted that his experience as a tutor was a major complement to his college classes and the real-life experience working in a school has given him a better understanding of education and the school system.  

Now as a junior, Parker is excited to be returning to S.G. Reinertsen Elementary as a tutor. He looks forward to a busy year as he balances his coursework and tutoring part-time. After graduation, Parker plans to look for teaching jobs and to have his own classroom!  

Moorhead area schools are still looking for 11 tutors to begin their service in October or January. If you or someone you know would make a great tutor, please visit join.readingandmath.org to find openings near you.  

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