AmeriCorps in Action

Allie, a tutor in Minneapolis, wears her red Reading Corps fleece and lanyard with a smile!

A Moment to Remember

Before serving, Allie had experience working with kids through nannying and volunteering at a summer camp, but education had never really been on her radar — until Reading Corps. 

A tutor at her current site in Minneapolis recommended Allie apply to join him as a tutor. With a lifelong love of reading and the opportunity to work with a new age group of kids, Reading Corps was the perfect next step. Now in her fourth year of service as a reading tutor, it’s safe to say she loves tutoring! 

Her favorite part of tutoring has been building relationships with her students. One student appreciated her help so much, they gave Allie a gift. Inside was a stuffed animal, a notebook, and a card thanking her for her tutoring. It said,

“It’s because of you I know how to read.”

“It’s a card that’s so special to me I don’t even keep it at work, I keep it at home,” Allie says. “I had tutored that student throughout the pandemic, so we got used to seeing each other over Google Meet, seeing their family and their home life. This was a student who was really struggling, and the fact that we got to build this relationship over the last few years, and I got to see their confidence and got to know them more, that’s what it’s all about for me, making that kind of impact.” 

On top of the relationships with her students, Allie enjoys her daily routine. “I like the structure of it. I like having scripts for what I do with kids every day,” she says. “I’ve really gotten confident in my role, practicing the interventions, all the organizational skills. It’s something I feel like I’m good at and really enjoy.” 

Because of federal regulations, members can serve a maximum of four terms, meaning Allie is nearing the end of her career with Reading Corps. When she finishes her service, she hopes to continue to work at her site and maybe even pursue a graduate degree in an educational field. “I didn’t know this was something that I liked, but it’s completely changed my life,” she explains. “I think I’ve found my calling, what I really like to do.” 

Are you or someone you know looking to make a difference as a tutor? There are opportunities to make a difference across the state. Apply now to begin in January! Please visit to find openings near you.   

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