AmeriCorps in Action

Announcing Higher Stipends for 21-22

We’re always working hard to make service more accessible and thanks to special one-time funding from the American Rescue Plan, we are excited to announce increased stipends for our members. Although AmeriCorps members are not compensated on an hourly basis, for the 2021-22 program year, their stipends will increase to be comparable to an average of $15 per hour served.

“Given urgent community needs, we want to make National Service a viable option for more Minnesotans and ensure we have the people power to help address urgent community needs,” shared Sadie O’Connor, Managing Director. “The increase moves the paycheck our members receive towards a more livable wage.”

The increase affects more than 1,700 members serving in programs including Minnesota Reading Corps, Minnesota Math Corps, Minnesota Recovery Corps, Minnesota Opportunity Corps, Heading Home Corps, Community Forestry Corps and Home Energy Corps. At a time when our communities are still facing unprecedented needs relating to the pandemic, the 20 percent increase will help ease the financial burden of committing to a year of service. 

In addition to a stipend every two weeks, members also earn up to an extra $6,300 for college tuition or student loans. Members serving full time also qualify for individual health insurance at no cost. Additional benefits like federal student loan forbearance, interest repayment and child care assistance are also available. 

To address urgent community needs, more than 600 people are still needed statewide. Start dates vary by program, but there are opportunities to begin service in October, November and January. You can learn more and apply by visiting

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