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We’ve got great resources to help spread the word that your students need tutors! Each site will receive a launch kit by mail. In your kit, you will find handouts to share and posters to display.

Need additional printed materials? Click the button below to order from our online store. Materials will be shipped within 2 business days at no cost.

Looking for downloads and digital tools? We’ve got you covered. Our online toolkit includes social media posts, flyer downloads, newsletter blurbs and more!

Whether using print and digital tools, be sure to customize your message to connect better with your community. Consider including details like:

  • How many tutors  do you need?
  • What are the hours?
  • When do tutors begin?
  • Who can answer questions at your school?

Printed Materials

Order flyers, posters, yard signs, and more.

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Online Toolkit

Promote your need for tutors with social media posts, flyers, newsletter blurbs and other downloads.

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Tips from Our Site Partners

“ I shared on Facebook and asked my friends and family to do the same. I heard from several people who were interested and applied!” 
“ I paid attention to the parents that were consistently at school for pick-up or drop-off and talked to each one about the opportunity to become a tutor.” 
“ I got in touch with our district communications department and asked if we could feature the need for tutors. They were able to get a story in the local news! 

Not sure what to do or where to start? 

Your recruiter is ready to support you and take action!
Send us an email today to [email protected] or call 866-859-2825.
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