Math Changes Lives

A brighter future begins with math

In Minnesota, nearly half our students are not proficient in math. Why does it matter? Math skills are highly predictive of high school graduation. In fact, nearly 90% of students who fail 6th grade math drop out of high school. But it’s not just about high school. The research tells us algebra proficiency is strongly correlated with college attendance and higher lifetime earnings. It’s essential for careers in the growing STEM sector – science, technology, engineering and math.

Closing the achievement gap

Gaps in math knowledge begin as early as elementary school, increase over time, and prove to be a major obstacle for students from lower-income families. The 2017 Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment test scores for students in grade 8 illustrate the reality of our state’s achievement gaps by race and family income.

But data shows that students who have Math Corps tutors can close those gaps. After a semester of tutoring, our students – who include those eligible for free and reduced-price lunch, English Language Learners, and students of color – exceeded their growth target by 2-3 months!

When we help all students become proficient in math, we set them up for success in school and in the 21st century workplace.

People power makes the difference

With so many students struggling in math, it’s a huge challenge for school districts to provide the individual attention they need to get back on track. At the average school, giving each the individual attention they need would take 230 hours per week and require 7 additional staff members.

Minnesota Math Corps tutors help close the gap! Learn more about how we do it.

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