Tutor Tools

Be Proud. Say it Loud

Thank you for giving your time to Reading Corps and Math Corps. Your commitment makes an incredible impact for the students you serve and your state! Kids need more tutors and we need your help. Our best tutors hear about the opportunity to serve from people like you. Please share your experience to help inform and inspire others to give their time to help your state BE MORE!

Tools for Storytelling

Sharing your story of service makes a difference. It helps inspire other great people to serve their communities and shows the impact you are making. Plus, it helps us celebrate you! Click the button below to download a toolkit of great options for sharing your stories.

Share Your Story

One of the best ways to help people understand what it’s like to be a tutor is to read about people like you! Whether you’d like to share more about what you were doing before you became a tutor, your motivation for serving or what you love about the experience, sharing your story helps others see possibilities for themselves and people they know.

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