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In 2008, its first year, Minnesota Math Corps served about 100 children. Today, we’re serving 5,000 elementary and middle school children each year. Our tutors have helped more than 20,000 struggling Minnesota students become algebra proficient by 8th grade.

We’re making Minnesota stronger, one problem at a time.

From Roseau up north to LeRoy and Lyle down south, our tutors are helping students make big gains in math by spending 90 minutes per student per week.

At a Glance

During the 2016-17 school year, Minnesota Math Corps tutors were placed in schools across the state. Spending 90 minutes a week with each student, they made incredible gains possible and helped thousands of children to get back on track with math!




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The numbers are in: Math Corps gets results

Students who have Math Corps tutors make bigger gains in math skills than those who don’t. In a 2016 research study funded by the Brady Education Foundation, which seeks to close the achievement gap for children living in poverty, the results showed significant, meaningful effects across all age levels.

The randomized controlled trial – the gold standard of evaluation – included 4th-8th grade students from across Minnesota. At the conclusion of the study, Math Corps students were 2-3 months ahead of their expected trajectory, getting them back on track for the academic and career success associated with math proficiency.

Seeing is Believing

Math experts, parents, teachers, and students agree — Math Corps works! See how the program is making a difference for young learners.

The Stories

Get to know some our fantastic Math Corps tutors and hear about what they love about Math Corps!

Willie Day

I get to apply skills I learned in college to teach math to school students. And I find it rewarding that I can make a difference in their success. I like being part of their becoming more confident as they improve upon their math skills.

Kim Le

Math Corps made me think how I could explain things differently if kids didn’t understand right away.

Bjorn HagstromOur Results