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Early Learning Corps Inspires Tutors to Pursue Careers in Education

Sydney and Lizzie are Early Learning Tutors at the same school in Orlando, Florida. After finishing up a successful first year of tutoring, they’re both planning to pursue careers in education. Continue reading to learn more about their journeys! 

1. How did you get involved with Early Learning Corps? 

Sydney: I was looking online last year hoping to find a job for my last year of college, and I came across the posting to become an Early Learning Tutor. I thought it would be the perfect fit for me as I want to work with children and further my career.  

Early Learning tutor working with students.

Lizzie: I was on Indeed looking for another form of employment. I was very stressed and unhappy with my former job. I noticed the posting for Pine Hills Elementary School, and I already knew the school very well as it’s the school my niece goes to. I’ve always wanted to work with children, so I put in my application! 

2. What were you doing before you became a tutor? 

Sydney: I was a full-time college student and volunteering at a children’s village in my community. Most recently, I graduated college with my bachelor’s degree.  

Lizzie: I was a customer service supervisor at a retail store. It was very hectic and stressful. 

3. Now that the year is wrapping up, what’s been your favorite part of tutoring? 

Sydney: My favorite part of tutoring was making learning fun for the kids and seeing the progress they made throughout the school year. I made it a priority to make a genuine connection with the children because by just knowing one fun fact about them, they become more and more excited to learn. The relationship you make will further their progress.

Lizzie: This is a tough question. I have so many: working with my teacher who helped me the best way she could, working with the children, doing what I’ve always wanted to do, enriching little minds and guiding them through their first involvement with education, seeing their growth and excitement. 

4. What’s next for you when you’re finished tutoring?  

Sydney: When I finish tutoring, I will be pursuing a higher education degree and going to graduate school to become a school counselor.  

Lizzie: I’m returning to serve another year, so I’m excited to be in the classroom again! I’m hoping to serve for as long as possible. Hopefully after I’m done serving, I will be – or almost be – a teacher myself. 

5. How has serving with Early Learning Corps influenced your next career steps?  

Sydney: Being an Early Learning Tutor has helped me realize that I have always wanted to work with kids. I want to help them navigate their school years, find who they are, and become stronger people and students.  

Lizzie: I’ve always wanted to work with children. I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher for as long as I can remember. Working side by side with my teacher in the classroom, and seeing firsthand how effective early childhood education is, I’ve decided to try and go back to school to get a bachelor’s in early childhood education! 

Work with children.

6. Is there anything else you’d like people to know about your experience?  

Sydney: I am forever grateful for this opportunity to not only grow as a person but help little minds and see them grow into the students I know they can be! 

Lizzie: This experience has been so rewarding and so inspiring. It’s such an honor to work alongside teachers in helping children learn and grow. Everyone in this program has been so helpful and awesome in all they’ve done for me and my experience. I can’t wait to do it again!!

Careers in education

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