Tutor Stories

Jeannette Ledesma

I get a sense of immense pride when the students make gains in the right direction and start to feel confident in the other aspects of their life and schooling.

Jens Jensen

I wake up every morning looking forward to the day, knowing that I’ll be contributing. I am preparing the children for Kindergarten and for their years in school after that. I love what I am doing.

Willie Day

I get to apply skills I learned in college to teach math to school students. And I find it rewarding that I can make a difference in their success. I like being part of their becoming more confident as they improve upon their math skills.

Kim Le

Math Corps made me think how I could explain things differently if kids didn’t understand right away.

Tram Bui

I want to do my part to help our students gain confidence through literacy and travel on a college-bound course.

Katie Johnson

Serving with Reading Corps while working toward her special education teaching license gave Katie a head start in applying for jobs in elementary education.

Rachelle Anderson

I have seen the results – emotionally, intellectually, and socially – as children grow throughout the year and it’s just amazing.

Michael Gilleo

I wanted to spend a year doing something that would help me grow and better prepare me for a career as a physician. Because of my Math Corps experience I was accepted to the University of Minnesota Medical School!

LaRae Carlisle

I was surprised by the skills the children need – and can learn! – for Kindergarten.

Maria Jimenez Perez

The best part about being a tutor with Math Corps is being witness to the incredible transformation these students make. At the end of the year they all say that they didn’t know math could be fun!

Keven Tell

Serving with Reading Corps and Math Corps helped move me to the next level. Today, I’m a sixth grade science teacher at Stanford Middle School in the Minneapolis Public Schools District!

Steve Pinex

Satisfy your curiosity. Jump in there and do a year of service. Find out that, hey, in helping others, you’ve helped yourself a whole lot more than you could ever have believed.

Guy Havelka

I serve to make a difference in the lives of my students and the community in which they live. The one-on-one tutoring gives me a chance to help these kids become confident and fluent readers. That confidence bleeds over to other areas in school and outside of school. Confidence breeds success!

Dan Carlson

I get to work with young people and staff which helps me stay young at heart. But the best part is helping the students and seeing the light come on in their eyes.

Len Olson

It’s a completely different culture in the school than in the business world. The teachers and students are kind, excited, and engaged. It’s been a lot of fun.

Char Weir

I serve with Math Corps to help children learn not to fear math and let it hold them back, but rather to embrace and engage in the challenges that math provides.

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